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New York Confidential Investigations

Investigations and Surveillance Countermeasures

Do you need assistance with an investigation or surveillance countermeasure in the New York area? Our New York confidential investigations Technical Division can provide a professional and thorough sweep of your home, office, business, or vehicle for surveillance bugs. Our clients for bug detection and bug sweeps have included celebrities, attorneys, private investigators, politicians, accountants, manufacturers, publishers, the fashion world, and private citizens.

Our New York confidential investigations staff is trained in using state-of-the-art electronic countermeasures equipment and in doing a thorough physical search. They will sweep the entire radio spectrum for clandestine transmitters, hidden microphones, wireless video cameras, tape recorders, and phone taps. If electronic surveillance devices have been placed in your home, office, business, or vehicle, our technical staff will locate and neutralize them. As a New York confidential investigations firm, we do a thorough job of bug sweeps and bug detection. We use the same equipment as the U.S. government.

Our surveillance countermeasures bug sweep includes a total radio frequency spectrum sweep, a carrier current sweep on the building's wiring, infrared transmission sweep, laser beam transmission sweep, microwave transmission sweep, cell phone bug sweep, microphone sweep, radio transmitter bug detection, video transmitter sweep, hard-wired video camera sweep, audio recorder sweep, acoustic leakage inspection, phone tap sweep, computer keystroke logging devices on computers, and vehicle sweep.

Confidential Investigation Service

Your investigation will be both confidential and completely professional. We pride ourselves on the quality of service we provide for all of our clients. Don't buy bug detectors from the Internet. Unless you're trained to use them, they are useless. Our Technical Division is trained, adept, and has the experience needed to conduct a comprehensive investigation on your behalf.

For your confidential investigation needs contact Finest Services today!

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